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We develop applications for iOS, Android, and web. Our team skillfully creates highly loaded services, CRM, and ERP solutions. We have great expertise in machine learning to build software solutions.

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Our Services

Web portals & Corporate sites

Web application provides you with access to complex functionality without installing or configuring software, because it can be launched from all web browsers and a variety of personal and work devices.

Mobile App developments

Mobile apps make it easier for users to access your business services and establish communication between you. We provide services for development both native and cross-platform mobile solutions.

CRM systems

CRM allows to track all communications and nurture relationships with your leads and clients. We develop customised solutions when “packaged” ones are not applicable within the framework of your business processes.

3D Virtual staging & rendering

3D virtual rendering of both exterior and interior spaces leverages technology to visualize properties. Through realistic virtual staging, this service provides representation of a property's potential, creating a powerful marketing tool.

Areas of business we work in

Online shopOnline shop
Entertainment Entertainment
Real Estate Real Estate
Delivery Service Delivery Service

Our technologies

Rest APIRest API
After EffectsAfter Effects

Our strengths

  • Technical requirements are not strictly necessary
    We are independent and creative: we will think through all the logic of the service, CRM and mobile application for you.
  • 50+ full-cycle projects delivered
    We will develop your IT solution with maximum speed and flexibility to provide your product with the needed functionality.
  • Unique UI/UX design for your project
    Our inventive specialists will devise a sophisticated design for your service - fixating on convenience, visibility and ease of use for your clients.
  • Pay only for the completed work
    You make the final payment only after all the rates are agreed upon so that you are in full control of your expenses.

Our team

  • Extexy team
  • Extexy team
  • Extexy team
Launched in 2015 as an AI solutions' development business, we have been constantly expanding the scope of our software services and helped SMBs and startups to successfully bring their ideas into life. By 2018, we have grown into a solid IT company, taking on full-cycle software development projects.
About Us
  • 150+

    Developers, designers, project managers, and QA specialists

    Developers and designers

  • 9

    Years on the software technologies market

  • 50+

    Projects in the portfolio


Our company is well-known and recommended as an effective business partner. We have earned such trust by helping more than 30 companies around the world.

Questions - Answers

  • How many designs do you offer?
    We create one final design version, but if necessary, we can elaborate several concepts.
  • What should I do to start working on the project?
    To start the project, we do not need a detailed technical requirement. Together with you we will develop a prototype and then understand how much time it will take to develop the project. You give us the minimum of your time. We give you maximum creativity and speed.
  • How quickly can you start working on the project?
    Soon enough. On average, 3-4 days after the receipt of the prepayment.
  • Will a personal manager be assigned on the project?
    Yes, absolutely. A personal manager will monitor all the work and keep in constant contact with you.
  • What is your payment system?
    Clear standard payment scheme. First, the advance payment, which is taken into account in the final payment. Then payment is made 2 times a month from 1-14 and 15-30/31 days of each month.
  • What kind of reporting do you have?
    Online reporting. You get access to our internal time tracking system with daily reports on the work done. Based on this, we issue invoices for payment. Reporting is simple and transparent. You only pay for the work on your project.
  • What guarantee do you give for a ready-made application?
    We provide a 6-month guarantee. As part of the guarantee, we will correct any shortcomings that you find in the project.

Stages of development

  1. 1
    Development of a prototype and the administrative part
    At this stage, you understand how your application will be managed and what your customers will see
  2. 2
    Application Design
    Our specialists will devise a unique design basing on the latest trends.
  3. 3
    Application development
    Only after we have thoroughly worked out the prototype features and your app design, the programming stage begins. Such a cost-and time-effective approach ensures the lean development process.
  4. 4
    Testing and launching
    This is the most important project stage that enables us to deliver the apps with exceptional performance, smooth interoperability, and appealing design at the release phase.

Development frameworks


  • You want to develop a new product that has no or few analogues. The cost of failure is very high and it is better for you to make mistakes in small things and correct them as soon as possible.
  • You work in a crisis-ridden economy or a dynamically developing industry, which requires you to be flexible and able to quickly respond to changes.
  • You need to launch the backbone of the project with the minimum possible budget and timeframe. Additional features should be developed after the launch, when the project starts to recoup its initial investment.
scrum processscrum process


  • You have a good understanding of what you want. You have a developed ToR and a well-developed concept that will not change.
  • You don't plan to be involved in the project after the TOR is agreed upon, but outsource it completely.
  • You want to know in advance the exact timing and results of each step.
  • You have a complex product that is very costly and has a clear development sequence.
waterfall processwaterfall process

The cost of the project?

We will negotiate with you the final cost of the project only after the detailed project review.

You are making the final payment only after the project completion and as soon as all the rates are agreed upon, so that you are in full control of your expenses.

Imagine a customer on a car market looking for a vehicle - without naming the preferred make, model, the year of manufacture, the configuration, etc. It's clear that the price difference for various cars can be huge.

With this in mind, we put priority our clients' satisfaction at the forefront.

Contact us

Contact our partnership manager, describe your desired product functionality - and we will shape the best cost/clients' requirements match for you within one business day!